My Adhd Truth

Even though I lauded myself in the last post for actually completing a project, I want to share with you an adhd bump I had along the way.

It wasn’t a big one, just typical: I planned to mail the quilt to my coworker on my lunch break, so I wrote her address on a sticky note, went downstairs to get the package off my dining room table, and drove to the post office. Once I was there, can you guess what happened? I forgot to actually BRING the address with me. It was the last day I could send it so it’d be there on time, and I didn’t have time to go home and then go back to the post office.

Most everyone does this once in a while, but when you’re me, it happens … somewhat frequently. That was a day when I couldn’t give myself a break, a day that I despaired over my adhd, and a day that I ended up hating myself for something I can’t control.

Have you done anything similar recently? Please share in the comments.

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