Spacial Aptitude and Friendship Bracelets

My daughter’s birthday party was a swinging success. The girls were so active, they blew through the activities an hour earlier than I’d expected, so I had to find something interesting quickly. Hello, slime! Thank goodness for that huge bottle of white glue I bought a few months ago. The decorations were a hit, although I did pull an ADHD and while I carefully glued the same letter to the BACK of each letter on the front, I didn’t think it through so the back of the banner spelled HAPPY BIRTHDAY backwards. I was sad for a few minutes, but oh well. So much for spacial aptitude. It’s just another part of executive function that I’m so challenged with.


On Monday, my daughter went to her dad’s for a week. So I’ve been alone all week, alternately feeling free and happy, and then wallowing in self-pity over my breakup and watching depressing documentaries about 9/11. The free parts have been wonderful! I’ve started projects that I’ve been wanting to do for awhile- refurbishing a screen door, finding a new workbench to replace the one my partner took when she moved out, purging STUFF, etc.

Work has been super slow lately, so I’ve had time to make friendship bracelets. This is my fanciest one ever:


Find the pattern at here.

And this was a new design I tried that was laughably simple once I found a pattern:wp-image-384112305.

Whoops, there’s a cat hair on it. Ha! Typical.

Since I’ve been alone so much lately, I’ve realized I need outside pressure to “keep up” my house. Even with good intentions, I get sloppy and don’t clean up after myself. With no one there to worry about pleasing, I go back to my slobby ways. I resolve to finish a chore chart this week! I need the added structure to contain my chaos.


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