My ADHD Truth: Sounds

I’m  having a tough couple of weeks at work. Stress levels are high, and I’m becoming even more neurotic around the house in order to control what I can.

Trying to write now, the sound of the running water in the aquarium is distracting. So is the bathroom fan. There aren’t any pets scrumping in the cat box, or crumpling paper bags, or meowing or barking, but during the day there frequently are. My point: everything I hear takes priority in my brain. Nothing fades into the distance unless I’m REALLY into something. And a cat just knocked something over, yay. Having ADHD makes it really hard to concentrate since our brains can’t distinguish between important sounds and sounds that really should be background.

I’m going to quit now and find something I really want to listen to; then maybe I won’t have to hear anything else.


My Adhd Truth

Even though I lauded myself in the last post for actually completing a project, I want to share with you an adhd bump I had along the way.

It wasn’t a big one, just typical: I planned to mail the quilt to my coworker on my lunch break, so I wrote her address on a sticky note, went downstairs to get the package off my dining room table, and drove to the post office. Once I was there, can you guess what happened? I forgot to actually BRING the address with me. It was the last day I could send it so it’d be there on time, and I didn’t have time to go home and then go back to the post office.

Most everyone does this once in a while, but when you’re me, it happens … somewhat frequently. That was a day when I couldn’t give myself a break, a day that I despaired over my adhd, and a day that I ended up hating myself for something I can’t control.

Have you done anything similar recently? Please share in the comments.


Mint Finish!

I finished my first quilt in a year last week. It was only a baby quilt, but oy vey, it took almost as long as a big quilt! My coworker’s colors were light pink, mint, and grey, with a woodland theme. I had a bit of a time finding all four (and wow, do I love polka dots!), but I think it came out all right. At least she got it before her baby was born, even if I did miss the shower by a couple of weeks!  This is really good for me, since it can be very hard for me to finish projects.

Also, I swear I pressed my fabric, but for some reason it never gets completely wrinkle-free.


Faces, Faces Everywhere!

My partner and I went antiquing and estate saling today, and I captured some provocative faces.
This poor child, in her cardboard prison, trying to stay positive:

I’m not sure what this person is looking at; they seem a little wary: 0408171152_HDR~3

This pig is holier than thou: 

And this creature has hate in her stuffed doll heart: 

I’d probably be making a nasty mug if I was all cooped up in a basement antique mall, too.