Shirred Little Girl’s Dress: Start!

We are going to Disneyland in a couple of weeks, and I got inspired to make my daughter a special dress for the occasion. Here is a picture of the material. It’s also my first tripod picture for a blog- pretty bad, eh? 

Practice makes progress, and I’m trying not to get distracted with anything else before I start. Except now I see my neighbor ishaving a yard sale, so I will start *after* I go to that. Happy Saturday! 


My ADHD Truth: Decluttering My Daughter’s Bedroom

Two weeks ago, I started de-cluttering my daughter’s room.  It was time –  it had been several months since I had cleaned it, and at least a year since I had tried to organize it,  and with the constant influx of new stuff  it was becoming  hazardous.

Between podcasts from A Slob Comes Clean, a blog by a woman who struggles with organization and clutter, and pins that promised me a brilliantly organized house in only 10 minutes a day, I decided to go for it. (Concurrent with decluttering my workroom, as you saw a few days ago.)

Taking before pictures of a room that is absolutely wrecked never works out. It just looks like a picture of stuff. I’ve done it enough times to learn this, plus I just wanted to get started, so I have no before pictures. At 10pm Friday I started throwing everything into boxes and moving her very heavy loft bed across the room. After a few curses at physics and my lack of planning, I got the bed turned 90 degrees. The next day, I continued by getting as much out of the room as I could, wiping down the baseboards, vacuuming and cleaning the filth. Over the next week or so, she and I went through all of her toys and she chose what things she would like to keep. In the past, she had always been very stubborn about not wanting to get rid of things, but for some reason this time she wasn’t. I had several plastic bins of toys and stuffed animals, and I told her to take out what she wanted. From my own experience, I find this is much more effective than taking out things you want to get rid of. We ended up with several boxes of toys and assorted stuff that she was willing to give up. We’re book lovers so she had a lot of books to give away, too.

Here’s the pile I’ve left to get rid of:

This doesn’t show the small box of things to sell, or another couple of boxes that I haven’t gone through yet for myself. Now… I’m sort of stuck. I’ve done the parts of the her bedroom that I know how to do; I’ve recognized and organized the obvious pieces; now there are just uncategorizable geegaws and special ephemera. I still need to go through the giveaways and make my emotional peace with them so I don’t regret getting rid of them later. What would you do at this point? How do you organize / purge your children’s or your own bedroom?
If you’re interested in the podcast I listen to for tips and inspiration,  the link is below.  I like Noni because she is brutally honest, and  she doesn’t come across as an unattainable supermom. I relate to her struggles with stuff.



My ADHD Truth: In-Progress Organizing of my Workroom/Studio


0529171016_HDR.jpgI struggle with hoarding, which is not uncommon with people with ADHD. There are just so many exciting things to do out there! As a frugal person, I like to be prepared for what I know I will need in the future, and also for the possibilities of what I may need. This weekend, I am cleaning up the aftermath of purging and organizing my daughter’s bedroom (no photos of that yet, sorry.) The above photo is me taking a break from that by cleaning up my workroom / Studio. It’s been a long, long time since I’ve been able to bring true order to all the paper in my life. I started a couple weeks ago, then of course got distracted by something else. So this quiet Memorial Day morning I am trying to put some order to the room I spend most of my days in, so I don’t feel so crazy while I’m working and I have to stare at piles and piles of paper (some of which are below).


Do you struggle with hoarding and STUFF? Tell me about how you manage it in the comments.


My ADHD Truth: Forgetful Equals Flooding

We’re relocating our fish tanks, because corals are so much more interesting to me than freshwater fish, but first the current residents had to vacate.  So we our donated our freshwater fish to a local aquarium store, siphoned all the water out (mmm, fishwater on the lips), and made a huge mess (and had a tantrum) removing the rocks.

We carried the heavy tank down the stairs (I say we but it was mostly my partner by herself, who was being macho), then the stand. Then we started making RODI water with our fancy new filter.

0418171400_HDR-2 (1)

Here’s the big tank, already half-full.

One workday, I wanted to make filtered water as well as work. I was super motivated- I probably had gotten enough sleep the night before. Amazingly restorative, sleep. So I turned on the water in the basement and went back upstairs to my office.

You know where this is going, don’t you?

Luckily, my mom came over about 30 minutes later and I remembered the water before the jug of filtered water was completely full. I was putting the “dirty” water into the washer to use in a cold water load, and the washer was only partly full, too. Phew!

Then my mom and daughter left, I started filtering another jug, and I went upstairs again. Sillily, I utilitzed neither timer nor note, and this time I remembered AFTER the 5 gallon jug was full, about an hour later. I raced down into the basement, eyes wide, heart pumping, sure I was going to be splashing through inches of water as I approached the laundry corner. But lo! The jug was overflowing into the sink (as expected)… and the washer? I could hear water still running even after I shut off the tap, and the floor was wet. I watched and waited, holding my breath, but no puddle appeared. Miraculously, someone had designed the washer to overflow out the hose in the back! I was saved!

That washer had more water in it than any I’ve ever seen. I had to bail some out before I could start a load, or I think it would’ve splashed all over even with the lid on.

If you’ve ever wondered how full you can fill a washing machine, see below. The ball is for perspective (not for fun, sorry). I did make enough water for the tank that day, although I stopped filtering after that.

0418171401_HDR-2 (1)

Have you done something like this before? Let me know in the comments!


My ADHD Truth: Sounds

I’m  having a tough couple of weeks at work. Stress levels are high, and I’m becoming even more neurotic around the house in order to control what I can.

Trying to write now, the sound of the running water in the aquarium is distracting. So is the bathroom fan. There aren’t any pets scrumping in the cat box, or crumpling paper bags, or meowing or barking, but during the day there frequently are. My point: everything I hear takes priority in my brain. Nothing fades into the distance unless I’m REALLY into something. And a cat just knocked something over, yay. Having ADHD makes it really hard to concentrate since our brains can’t distinguish between important sounds and sounds that really should be background.

I’m going to quit now and find something I really want to listen to; then maybe I won’t have to hear anything else.